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THIS IS YOUR CAPTAIN SPEAKING. My name is Chelsea Kennedy, and I'm the outlier. It's nice of you to stop by and check out my work.


I'm a college graduate - having earned my Bachelor's degree in Graphic Design and Therapeutic Psychology from Abilene Christian University in 2014 - now working in the field as a professional designer.


I'm currently employed by an international gift and publication company where I do everything from product creation, custom in-house typography, and graphic design. On the weekends, I work as a horseback riding instructor and trail guide at a local riding ranch.


I recently married my high school sweetheart, and we live happily together in the metroplex of North Texas where we grew up and fell in love.


{(x1.5+Q3)+IQR | (x1.5 - Q3) - IQR}




WHAT KIND OF SOFTWARE DO YOU USE? I'm quite fond of the Adobe family, and I use Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign very heavily. I'm pretty handy in versions cs4 - CC.


HOW DO YOU DO DIGITAL SKETCHES AND DRAWINGS? With a graphics tablet, my model being a Wacom Intuos 4. Please don't ask me if is the same as an iPad. It's not.


WHAT'S WITH THE RED CANINE MASCOT? That's Mr. Kitsch. I use her to represent myself on online because I'm not good at selfies. Her character development has been a side-project of mine over the years and, project permitting, she's been known to pop up in some of my design work.


AN INTERESTING FACT ABOUT YOU? I like to dig. Y'know like, fossils and stuff? I'm also into grassroots politics.


WHAT'S AN OUTLIER? 'Outlier' is a mathematical term for a piece of data that is considered to be an inadequate representation of a particular data range. Everyone has pet obsessions; some people love college sports and shopping sprees, I love mathematical linguistics.


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